An inch long arm

An inch long arm

As employees of Air Malta slowly realise their chances of being in employment in Easter will be slimmer if by then the government manages to strip the national airline of its asset base, no opportunity is missed by Joseph Muscat to award one of his cronies an iced bun.

Newsbook reports Sandro Craus, the prime minister’s “Customer Care Director” which translates as discriminatory clientelism incarnated in a publicly salaried position, has been made director of the new airline company the government is setting up.

For that is what Malta Air Travel Ltd is. In acquiring an air operator license, Malta Air Travel Limited becomes an airline in full effect. I am informed the new airline is seeking to lease an airplane from Sri Lanka in case it needs to go into business by March already and kick Air Malta into the dumpster of history.

Sandro Craus will have the task to filter new recruits for the new airline to ensure that the sole survivors of the sunken Air Malta are adulators of the great Joseph. The rest can sink with the ship.

Another director of the new state owned airline is Ray Sladden who is, at the same time, Deputy Chairman of Air Malta. You can see the government does not even pretend to ensure an arms-length transaction on a buy and lease back deal on the Heathrow slots.

If this was really arms-length the two companies would not be sharing common board directors. Such a move would almost certainly not survive even the most superficial state aid investigation by the European Commission.

The ‘circumvention of state aid’ manoeuvre is one of the typical Konrad Mizzi projects that are designed to fail in order to be saved and recovered further down the line making someone, somewhere rich in the process.

  • Godfrey Leone Ganado

    These are the manouvres Alfred Sant, the ‘budda’ of Joseph Muscat, had referred to when he said that first we will milk what we can from the much demonised European cow and then we will “inbazzru l’hawn u nbazzru l-hemm”.

    This issue, like the VGH ‘sale’ have all the aspects of the book ‘how to practise money laundering and drown in kickbacks’.

    The leasing of an airplane from Sri Lanka, rather than from countries where transparency is more guaranteed, is also a suspicious decision. However, with Konrad Mizzi being behind all this, kickbacks are the main objects clause in his corrupt commercial aspirations.

    I wonder how the British Airline Authorities allow the trading of slots at British airports when this is an asset that should not be transferrable.

  • quickmick408

    This is an absolute scandal, just another manoeuvre to make them even more money which will end up in Panama. I’m looking down the road six months when it all falls down and we have lost everything, Just like the power station, AUM, and VGH. Business as usual.

  • Betty

    This lackey Craus reminds me so much of the socialist time when BOV had the Mintoffian adulator from Msida, Dennis Sammut and his crony gang, who used to sift off those who followed the decisions of the Bankers union MUBE. Let us see the whole list of directors chosen by the Castille cretins to consolidate the PL hold on Air Malta once and for all. These manouvers did not work for the MLP in the 70’s and 80’s and will eventually fail even now.

    We have read that they are even contacting the pilot union members individually to break their union strength and I must wonder how much these tactics are remnant of the younger socialist days of the Emeritus President Abela, now super consultant to Air Malta amongst other appointments.

    • Mariatheresa Micallef

      Crooks they may be , but ’cretins’ they’re not.

    • av

      Crook or criminals please. See you get to keep the first two letters!

  • pete ross

    Shock after shock, we stumble from one shock to the next. (

    While the EU is telling this corrupt government to make way to good governance, the minister who has been specifically named by the EU’s MEPs to be booted out of Maltese, and therefore also from EU politics is doing his normal thing and fucking the nation for the nth time while Joseph Muscat happily looks on with a drooling mouth ready to receive, as kindly referred to by Jimmy Magro (who should be in jail but isn’t) his own ‘commercial take’.

    While all this is happening, the leader of the opposition remains silent about mostly everything, which makes him by omission or commission, part of this massive corruption, an extension of the Castile Mafia.

    • Mac Taylor

      The PN needs to take back the party from this Adrian Delia gang of four while Joseph Muscat is drowning in his own self made shite. The country needs an honest leader leading the people to the real Malta, the one that for 25 years voted for real progress and which transformed the islands from a backwaters to an advanced democratic economy.

      • canon

        Remove Adrian Delia now. Tomorrow may be too late.

  • WhoamI?

    Well, on 2nd December, Air Malta signed the 2016-2017 AFS. It’s on page 6, have a look.
    (Directors’ Report, Restucturing Process cont’d.)

    Furthermore, can anyone find out who the shareholders of Air Malta plc. are? The AFS only mention the Government of Malta as the majority shareholder.

    Does this stripping of Assets render the share value of the minority shareholders worthless then?

    One last thing: Note that the new company is not be owned by Air Malta but by The Government of Malta. Which effectively means that the minority shareholders are left with the liabilities and not the assets.


  • Carmel Ellul

    This is another National Bank of Malta take over by night.