It is good news that the Attorney General has decided the questions that remain open in the case of the death of 17-year old Mike Mansholt need to be looked into.

The boy’s body was found at the bottom of Dingli Cliffs having gone missing for a few days. The causes of his death were never determined. The bag he had with him was not found. His body and his bike did not have signs you would expect to see from a deadly fall. His body was sent to Germany with his organs missing. The official report sent by the Maltese authorities was flimsy and unsound.

Mike’s father did not give up. The Times’ Matthew Xuereb kept interest in the story in Malta whilst the older Mansholt recruited support from German press as well.

Here’s a link to a detailed feature about Mike’s and his family’s misadventures in Malta.

Now at least the magisterial inquiry, closed prematurely many months ago, has been reopened so that the many outstanding questions can continue to be asked, whatever hope there may be of getting any answers.