In a tweet last night Socialist MEP Ana Gomes who led the European Parliament delegation to Malta investigating rule of law compared Joseph Muscat with Hungary’s Victor Orban and stated unlike the EPP who protects Orban as a member of the family, European Socialists should stop protecting Joseph Muscat.

She was reacting to, and agreeing with, an earlier tweet by Simon Busuttil.

European on line journal Politico picked up Ana Gomes’s remarks as they clearly cross a political line, a significant breaking of ranks within the Socialist family.

Here’s Politico’s notes from its digest of today’s European agenda:

PARTY PEOPLE — SOCIALISTS START TO CALL FOR MUSCAT’S HEAD: It’s hard to know what external political force could topple the government of Malta, long dogged by claims of corruption. The move by some fellow Socialist MEPs to say it’s time for Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to resign won’t be welcomed in Valletta.”

Joseph Muscat’s political survival in a context that is supposed to be democratic is a growing international mystery.