If you’re looking for a place in Brussels

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It’s not beneath the dignity of this website to provide a little free advertising as long as it amounts to public service of course.

Marlene Mizzi is looking to rent out her Brussels apartment now her time as MEP is drawing to a close.

She gave first dibs to other incumbent MEPs presumably in case they fancy their chances of being re-elected and would relish the chance to live “in a desirable and safe area of Place du Chatelain”.

The furniture inside is for sale. You get a bed, wardrobe, divan, TV and washing machine for €1,600. Call her office if you’re keen.

Here are some pictures of the “beautiful and bright one bedroom apartment on the second floor”.

If you take it, you can move on June 1st. Earlier if you strike a deal.

If you move there, we know what you’re paying. That’s €1,118.75 a month including water and electricity.