(Father) David Muscat is becoming the lead spokesman of Malta’s neo-Nazi party, the Imperium Europa.

For the 8th September holiday, he led a delegation of the party founded by Norman Lowell at the Great Siege Memorial and “addressed” his audience, such as it was, wearing his off-duty priestly Sunday best and folding a rosary in his right hand in the manner of Matteo Salvini.


He was flanked to his left by a man in his sixties who could be a waxwork and a young man in his twenties who parts his hair like a fresh graduate from the Hitler-Jugend who cannot hold back his amusement when David Muscat says “the blacks” are an image of God.

David Muscat denounces the government’s choice of Dr Abdalla Kablan, a lecturer at the University of Malta, for the yearly oration at the official 8th September ceremony.

Some of his reasons for his objections to that choice are grounded in the fact that Dr Kablan’s expertise is in “computational finance”. That sort of knowledge goes into the finance sector which David Muscat has not entirely unreasonable moral reservations about.

But that’s not the only reason he objects to the choice of Dr Kablan.

His primary reason, as he gives it, is that Dr Kablan’s “ancestors” were the enemy who bombarded Malta in the Great Siege. He is one of the bad guys, guilty by the original sin that is inherent in his racial heritage.

Although David Muscat denies it, that is racism.

Needless to say, though it gives me pleasure saying it, David Muscat cannot guarantee he is not the descendant of some bastard left behind by an Ottoman foot-soldier who got some roadside relief while Dragut Rais was having his monthly bath.

Even with a dog collar, holding a rosary and making many references to the Madonna, a man who condemns someone else because he is guilty by association for something people with no proven consanguinity happened to have done almost five centuries ago is a racist.

David Muscat is an islamophobe. And, quite naturally, an ignoramus of the first order. In his introduction, he says we have three mothers: the first who carried us in her womb, the third the Virgin in heaven, and the second our “patria”. If anything Patria is a father, Fr David.

He then spits out Dr Kablan’s first name a number of times with the racist sarcasm that classifies people according to how easily pronounceable their names are. Dr Kablan’s first name is Abdalla, servant of God. A name that clearly Fr David Muscat does not deserve to call his own.

The Church may think it tactful not to make a martyr of this fascist priest and I respect that. But this guy is making them look bad.