GUEST POST: Planning for greed (1)

2019-11-03T16:53:20+01:00Sun, 3rd Nov '19, 16:53|

Sent in by urban planner Dr John Ebejer.  For many years Dr Ebejer held various positions relating to planning and development at the Planning Authority, the Building Industry Consultative Council and relevant ministries.  Recently the Prime Minister called on developers to show less ‘greed’.  This was his reaction to the strong criticism for the many [...]

Reinforced cleavages

2019-11-03T17:28:54+01:00Sun, 3rd Nov '19, 16:45|

MaltaToday’s monthly survey shows Joseph Muscat losing ground and Adrian Delia gaining some. The support of the former still exceeds the support of the latter two to one. But the shift is interesting because the PN over the last weeks made a pitch for xenophobes who would be prepared to change their response in a [...]

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