A new Toni Bajada for our times

2019-11-11T06:14:15+01:00Sun, 10th Nov '19, 18:01|

Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia skipped the national Remembrance Day ceremonies of this morning. Joseph Muscat quit the island so he can watch his Milan football club tonight. No one knows where Adrian Delia is but he’s dodging any and all activities on Sundays. Remembrance Day is not a vestige of colonialism. It is a [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Those four anarchists

2019-11-10T08:48:50+01:00Sun, 10th Nov '19, 08:48|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Faced by all these failures of the democratic framework, we preferred to live under the illusion that the courts would fiercely protect us. The reputation is not altogether undeserved. Some of our judges and magistrates are brilliant legal minds, fearless defenders of justice and pursuivants of truth: [...]

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