Come to Valletta tonight. There’s work to do.

2019-11-29T15:42:10+01:00Fri, 29th Nov '19, 15:42|

Joseph Muscat’s corrupt regime bound crooks together with the cement of mutual blackmail. It was strong like a fasces, seemingly indestructible. But we held out hope that if we were there when a crack appears, it would all come tumbling down. It seems it fell to a dog from the K9 unit, an un-compromised, uncompromising [...]

Sandro Ruotolo: “We were detained in Malta’s government building”

2019-11-29T10:49:30+01:00Fri, 29th Nov '19, 10:46|

Italian journalist Sandro Ruotolo who is in Malta as a representative of the Italian union of journalists has posted on Facebook his experience yesterday night outside and insight the office of Malta's prime minister. This is my translation: "Malta is under shock. During the night Keith Schembri, former chief of staff to the prime minister, [...]

Employers call urgent meeting with social partners on “moral and political crisis”

2019-11-29T10:34:33+01:00Fri, 29th Nov '19, 10:34|

The Malta Employers Association has asked the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (the forum for employers' bodies, labour unions and the government) to suspend its agenda to discuss the present political situation. "The Malta Employers’ Association is formally requesting to suspend the normal agenda of the MCESD to call an urgent meeting to [...]

VGH appeal rejected: Edward Scicluna, Chris Cardona and Konrad Mizzi definitively suspects of a criminal inquiry

2019-12-01T07:50:22+01:00Fri, 29th Nov '19, 08:54|

Judge Edwina Grima today quashed an appeal by three government ministers (one of them since resigned) that attempted to throw out a magistrate's order for a criminal inquiry into their conduct when three public hospitals were sold to shady interests. Edward Scicluna, Chris Cardona and Konrad Mizzi have now exhausted all legal vehicles to seek [...]

Italian journalism union in Malta to support ongoing protest actions

2019-11-29T08:35:59+01:00Fri, 29th Nov '19, 08:35|

The Italian Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI) has dispatched a delegation of two award-winning Italian journalists – Paolo Borrometi and Sandro Rutolo – that are in Malta to participate in civil society actions demanding truth and justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia. Paolo Borrometi and Sandro Ruotolo brought a message from Beppe Giulietti, president of [...]

UPDATED: Watch this incredible video as thugs working for Joseph Muscat detain journalists illegally inside Castille

2019-11-29T11:20:02+01:00Fri, 29th Nov '19, 07:12|

The video is by Monique Agius of Newsbook one of the many journalists allowed into Castille at 3am this morning only to be faced by a curt prime minister answering four questions when 4,000 are overdue. To avoid the inconvenience of actually facing them properly, ministers walked out of the Ambassadors' Room while journalists were [...]

They want us to wrap it up and put a bow on it

2019-11-29T06:30:51+01:00Fri, 29th Nov '19, 03:25|

In an interview with TVM earlier tonight James Debono said we should be careful not to rely on what someone facing life in prison is telling us to try to save their neck. Anything Yorgen Fenech says about any possible masterminds higher up or even co-conspirators must be taken in the context of why it [...]

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