We will leave no stone unturned.

2019-11-26T12:19:42+01:00Tue, 26th Nov '19, 12:19|

They held out for three years. They held out for six actually. But the game is up. The house of cards is falling. Joseph Muscat is still under the delusion that he can survive this. He can. But not if we have anything to say about that. Joseph Muscat is looking more and more like [...]

Keith Schembri down. Joseph Muscat must go.

2019-11-26T09:45:50+01:00Tue, 26th Nov '19, 09:45|

Joseph Muscat announced his chief of staff Keith Schembri resigned. Keith Schembri was the brains behind Joseph Muscat as a political product. But he was also believed to be the engine behind the corruption within the government. His name in the Panama Papers outed him and his efforts starting before the March 2013 election that [...]

Living in interesting times

2019-11-26T09:25:26+01:00Tue, 26th Nov '19, 09:22|

Reports from within police headquarters on various media outlets say that Yorgen Fenech is throwing more in the way of the police to try to buy himself some relief from the prospect of a life sentence for murder. It remains to be seen what value his testimony has. Times of Malta’s Ivan Martin reports today [...]

GUEST VERSES: Forgiveness

2019-11-26T08:01:09+01:00Tue, 26th Nov '19, 08:01|

By Spartacus Forgiveness I beseech you for forgiveness For the deeds that I have done, Some for revenge meted, And some were done for fun. I know you are interested In hearing all my tale; I’ll let you know a teeny bit So I won’t end up in jail. Of all my misdemeanours Of all [...]

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