Mario Vella skips first ECB meeting chaired by Christine Lagarde

2019-11-14T15:59:08+01:00Thu, 14th Nov '19, 15:59|

The Central Bank’s governor Mario Vella has skipped the first meeting of the European Central Bank’s highest body – its governing council – chaired by the new president of the ECB Christine Lagarde. The meeting was held yesterday but Mario Vella skipped it, catching a plane to Frankfurt at around the time the meeting was [...]

Money keeps control

2019-11-14T12:14:40+01:00Thu, 14th Nov '19, 12:14|

Ian Refalo advised the government that there need be no separation between parliament and government. The head of the civil service, Mario Cutajar referred to that advice a few days ago when he gave his reasons for ignoring the recommendations from George Hyzler, Commissioner for Public Standards. Here is what Mario Cutajar said about what [...]

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