Planning official fired after story on

2019-11-07T16:17:08+01:00Thu, 7th Nov '19, 16:17|

This morning this website reported the conflict of interest of Alfred Pule appointed just last October by Minister Ian Borg to replace Matthew Pace who resigned his seat in the Planning Board after the conflict of interest scandal in the DB towers development case. This morning’s post on this website showed how Alfred Pule was [...]

Judicial appointments question to be decided by European Court. Government drops idea of appealing decision to refer issue to ECJ.

2019-11-08T12:58:43+01:00Thu, 7th Nov '19, 12:50|

The government declared in court today it changed its mind about appealing against a court decision that accepted Repubblika’s request that the question on whether Malta’s judges are truly independent is sent to the European Court of Justice. This means that the European Court will be asked to rule whether the power of Malta’s prime [...]

Repubblika request into Chetcuti Cauchi inquiry accepted. Magistrate orders criminal investigation.

2019-11-07T10:22:05+01:00Thu, 7th Nov '19, 10:22|

A Magistrate has accepted a request from NGO Repubblika for an inquiry into whether Jean Philippe Chetcuti, a senior lawyer at the Chetcuti Cauchi law firm, committed crimes when he was caught in a camera sting operation by French TV journalists admitting he could arrange for a Maltese passport for an African client with a [...]

You need to get to the source

2019-11-07T09:36:07+01:00Thu, 7th Nov '19, 09:36|

Environment NGOs were pressing yesterday for Elizabeth Ellul’s resignation from the Planning Board. Things came to a head when the ruins of a room were approved by the Board she’s part of, for conversion into a sprawling villa out on a cliff-face in Qala. Elizabeth Ellul expected everyone to ignore her proximity to the developer, [...]

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