Civil society calls protest today Friday: 6pm Castille Place.

2019-11-30T14:34:36+01:00Thu, 28th Nov '19, 22:59|

Statement by Repubblika, #occupyjustice and This evening we have witnessed an attack on Maltese democracy and justice. The prime minister has exercised his disproportionate powers to protect his best friend if not himself as well from paying for crimes. Keith Schembri’s release is incomprehensible. Yorgen Fenech is being accused of killing Daphne Caruana Galizia. [...]

We’re not taking this lying down

2019-11-28T22:37:17+01:00Thu, 28th Nov '19, 22:37|

Keith Schembri released without charge. Cabinet called in spite of the prime minister's past statements that he was deciding pardons on his own, binding ministers to secrecy no matter their views on the situation. This is an orchestrated confidence trick that depends on our submission and acquiescence. We will not give it. Let's see what [...]

Even the very wise cannot see all ends

2019-11-28T20:36:23+01:00Thu, 28th Nov '19, 20:36|

Right now is what our country has been reduced to. Waiting breathlessly for our governors to decide their own fate so that we may be grateful for it. Or so they would have us do. Cabinet is meeting with urgency. They have spent the last few days splitting us in stupid parties. When splitting us [...]


2019-11-29T01:20:07+01:00Thu, 28th Nov '19, 16:02|

If the prime minister gave interviews I would start by asking him these questions: Does the prime minister still think there has been no corruption or wrongdoing involving Keith Schembri or Konrad Mizzi? Has the prime minister asked Keith Schembri who the owner of Macbridge is? Have the police asked the government for resources to [...]

Joseph Muscat’s “solution”

2019-11-28T11:52:18+01:00Thu, 28th Nov '19, 11:52|

What a complete mess. At any other time I’d be writing about Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Jason Micallef and the open disputes among Labour Party supporters. Or I could be writing about the state of the Nationalist Party. And so on. But all that feels irrelevant noise with all that’s going on. First item on [...]

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