From my article in The Sunday Times today:

“Daphne was swept away challenging our partisan dogmas. She was killed because our institutions failed in their mission of standing on the side of law rather than raw power. She was assassinated because the acid river of dirty money would not deign to flow around the resistance of a single journalist, no matter how masterful.

“When its stooges in government follow the criminals already behind bars for this homicide, the mafia is not going to go in a corner to weep and die quietly. Even as it has given up on Joseph Muscat, it is regrouping, dusting off the files of kompromat it has on those that aspire to replace him, ensuring that the exercise of political power in this country continues to serve its interests despite the present mess.

“Crooks everywhere. Situation desperate.

“Is there reason to hope? It is really in our hands.”

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