From my article in The Sunday Times today:

“Now everyone says they regret Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri were not fired three years ago. It’s too late for that. But what we’re doing now is lining up for the regrets we’re going to express three years from now.

“We will regret not reforming the partitocracy that rules over us, dismantling the duopoly and their dependence on private funding, and separating parties from journalism, and big business funding from TV news. We will regret not reducing the powers of our prime ministers and strengthening the checks and balances needed to restrain the executive.

“We will regret not speaking out about our economy’s dependence on easy, dirty money, hoping that it will continue to trickle into our pockets without burning into our flesh.

“We will regret not having stepped up. There are many people out there – capable leaders with a sense of public good and an understanding of what needs to change to shorten our time in this purgatory of national ill-repute – who are staying at home. They could be our next attorney gene­ral, our next police chief, our next civil service head, our next MP, our next minister or prime minister. But they’d rather stay home because if there was any time when the excuse that politics is dirty rings true, this is that time.

“Or we’re still in time to cut down on our large stock of piled-up regrets. The time for revolution is now but it will not happen on its own.”

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