Look at the poster below, advertising a charity event to raise money for l-Istrina. The event is “organised by” Silvio Schembri’s economy ministry. This is what we have come to. Instead of actually developing an economy with something less ephemeral than a stupidly smiling robot, Silvio Schembri is ensuring social inclusion by getting wet and soapy with a hosepipe and a lot of foam in downtown Siġġiewi.

This is insane. Charity fund raisers happen to fill gaps the government leaves behind. But now the fund raisers themselves have become a core activity of the government.

Why Siġġiewi? Because it’s the clown’s constituency. So we get the ministry to pay for and organise a charity car wash to raise money for people the ministry neglects and abandons to their fate. As long as we do it in the minister’s constituency to ensure his re-election.

Maybe it needs to be said. MPs should not be allowed to serve as government ministers. But then do we write the rules around the lowest common denominator?

The image of Silvio Schembri washing cars for votes can start a disturbing chain of gay porn cliche humour that may reduce your productivity. I’ll leave you with this instead. Smouldering look and all.