They’re still laughing

2020-10-14T21:14:55+02:00Wed, 14th Oct '20, 18:51|

We already had an idea by and large what was in it. But today parliament officially published George Hyzler’s report into Joseph Muscat’s orders to the tourism authority to hire Konrad Mizzi as a consultant just as he was resigning from being the minister overseeing it. The report’s findings are damning. Joseph Muscat phoned Johann [...]


2020-10-14T15:02:19+02:00Wed, 14th Oct '20, 15:02|

Why are police officers who happen to be women still specified as "Women Police Constables" or sergeants? Look at this: The specific designation "WPC" was originally appended because when women were first allowed to join the police, they weren't allowed to do all the men could. Maybe the best story about this is how female [...]

Circuit breaker

2020-10-14T14:38:16+02:00Wed, 14th Oct '20, 14:38|

I’m reading what Keir Starmer is saying in the UK about the coronavirus spread. He’s arguing the UK should lock down for two weeks in order to break the spread of the virus: halt it, push it back, bring it down to manageable numbers before reopening again. This is because numbers – of infected people, [...]

Parliamentary obscurities

2020-10-14T14:53:39+02:00Wed, 14th Oct '20, 14:24|

Raphael Vassallo interviewed Adrian Delia and published the exchange last Sunday. In the interview Raphael Vassallo asked Adrian Delia how he feels about me saying he should resign from Parliament. It was a strange question to ask if Raphael Vassallo was referring to what I wrote about what Adrian Delia should do after losing the [...]


2020-10-14T09:47:21+02:00Wed, 14th Oct '20, 09:47|

Simon Mercieca delights in repeating adjectives I use to describe him because apparently being called a twerp by me is some sort of flattery. I’m running out of adjectives and I really thought I had an inexhaustible reserve of those. As part of his campaign on behalf of Yorgen Fenech, he unleashed yesterday a verbal [...]

GUEST POST: Bob, our super hero

2020-10-14T08:31:39+02:00Wed, 14th Oct '20, 08:31|

“The only difference between a hero and the villain is that the villain chooses to use that power in a way that is selfish and hurts other people.” Chadwick Boseman Our prime minister used to do bodybuilding. There are many photos of his physique on social media. He has a near perfect body, the body [...]

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