European Media Freedom NGO condemns intimidation of journalists in Valletta today

2020-10-01T18:18:50+02:00Thu, 1st Oct '20, 18:18|

The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom in a statement this afternoon condemned the insults faced by Italian journalist Nello Scavo as he left the court in Valletta, earlier today. Scavo was testifying in the criminal case against Neville Gafà, who had threatened him online. Upon leaving the hearing, Nello Scavo and the author [...]

Former Malta university branch in Rome, now in trouble for “easy exams”: 69 indictments.

2020-10-01T15:36:54+02:00Thu, 1st Oct '20, 15:36|

Administration, faculty and staff at the Link Campus university in Rome, formerly an offshoot of the University of Malta, are facing indictments in Florence over a system of “easy exams”, a suspected fraudulent scheme to pass unprepared students for their degrees. Just under 70 persons are facing indictments including former Italian foreign minister Vincenzo Scotti [...]


2020-10-01T15:15:52+02:00Thu, 1st Oct '20, 15:15|

The above shows the convoy of cars transporting US Defence Secretary Mark Esper during his visit to Malta. During his stay here he stayed at the Hilton Hotel. I understand the US government will want its most senior officials to patronise American brands abroad, but isn't this just bizarre? Right about there, where his car [...]

Simon Mercieca to face charges for contempt of court

2020-10-01T15:04:10+02:00Thu, 1st Oct '20, 15:04|

The court registrar filed a case against commentator Simon Mercieca for contempt of court after he ignored an earlier court order banning the publication of recordings heard in a closed court in the police’s case against Yorgen Fenech. The recordings were heard in a closed courtroom because they are part of ongoing investigations and Magistrate [...]

Robert Aquilina: We will stand with journalists

2020-10-01T14:24:40+02:00Thu, 1st Oct '20, 14:24|

This is the text of remarks delivered by Robert Aquilina, President-Elect of Repubblika this morning at the Daphne Caruana Galizia protest memorial in Great Siege Square, Valletta. Repubblika reiterates its sympathy and support to Nello Scavo who had to face serious threats merely for doing his job. Nello Scavo was working with other journalists in [...]

Sylvana Debono: The life we chose

2020-10-01T14:34:38+02:00Thu, 1st Oct '20, 14:18|

This is the text of remarks delivered by Sylvana Debono, President of the Istitut tal-Ġurnalisti Maltin this morning at the Daphne Caruana Galizia protest memorial in Great Siege Square, Valletta. In 2020 Reporters without Borders ranked Malta in the 81st place in press freedom ranking. This marks a whopping 36-point fall from grace in 7 [...]

Neville Gafà’s mob

2020-10-01T14:34:52+02:00Thu, 1st Oct '20, 14:08|

“Not the behaviour of a civilised country.” Avvenire journalist Nello Scavo described the scene outside the court building this morning with these words. A bunch of thugs, besmirching the Maltese flag merely by holding it, waited for him to step out of the court building after testifying in the case filed by the police against [...]

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