2020-10-03T23:16:07+02:00Sat, 3rd Oct '20, 23:10|

The Nationalist Party has a new leader. After the disastrous three years with Adrian Delia at the helm, Bernard Grech takes over a party that barely recognises itself. Once famous for its capable organisers and strategists, the PN is almost an empty shell. Once famous for capable and effective communications, the PN is in a [...]

Konrad Mizzi fucks up, daddy cuts the cheque, you pay.

2020-10-03T16:55:18+02:00Sat, 3rd Oct '20, 13:26|

Redundant Air Malta pilots that benefit from Konrad Mizzi's promise to get them a government job that pays them what they earned flying planes, got a letter from Konrad Mizzi's daddy asking them for their CV. One would have thought Lawrence Mizzi would fully expect their CV to say they have flown planes. But we [...]

GUEST POST: Proset, Prim!

2020-10-03T09:22:44+02:00Sat, 3rd Oct '20, 09:22|

If you follow Michelle Muscat’s preferred media, my dear, you might think that Malta is the gold  standard for a democratic country where “institutions are working” because the new Attorney General moved against Keith Schembri, Brian Tonna and his cabal in Nexia BT, where the Accountancy Board stripped Tonna and Karl Cini of their warrants, [...]

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