Edwin Vassallo tal-Banana

2020-10-05T18:23:20+02:00Mon, 5th Oct '20, 18:18|

I wish I was a better man and could just ignore Edwin Vassallo, treating the miserable slug with the contempt that he deserves. On Saturday, I wrote an article to comment on the election in the Nationalist Party and among other things I said that I have learnt with time to take a less adulatory [...]

When the deal was struck

2020-10-05T17:46:34+02:00Mon, 5th Oct '20, 17:46|

The Labour Party and the local suppliers of the energy contract that would eventually be known as Electrogas fixed the broad terms of the deal when the Labour Party was still in opposition. This suggests funding of the Labour Party by businessmen who would eventually be rewarded with a lucrative government contract. The suggestion is [...]

Covid in schools: the need to know.

2020-10-06T08:50:40+02:00Mon, 5th Oct '20, 13:21|

The Education Department is trying to manage fears about the possible spread of covid in schools by pretending it doesn’t exist. Several children have not stepped into a school yet and yet unconfirmed reports of positive testing amongst staff of several educational institutions are spreading all over social media. I’m not in the business of [...]

GUEST POST: A candle at the end of the tunnel?

2020-10-05T17:30:44+02:00Mon, 5th Oct '20, 09:53|

As predicted the Nationalist Party has a new leader, Bernard Grech. Saturday’s election result proved that all surveys pointing to his victory were correct. He won 69% of the tesserati vote. That is quite a feat, seeing that Robert Abela managed about 57% of the delegate vote in his electoral victory over Chris Fearne. A [...]

The windmills that resigned

2020-10-05T09:44:28+02:00Mon, 5th Oct '20, 09:44|

A few people who openly supported Adrian Delia over the past three years, even through the Yorgen Fenech WhatsApp revelations, have announced they are quitting party structures after Saturday’s result that saw him replaced as party leader. There could be perfectly honourable reasons for quitting at this time. Many things were said in the past [...]

Full Up, ħi.

2020-10-05T09:16:51+02:00Mon, 5th Oct '20, 09:16|

The Labour Party’s first reaction to Bernard Grech’s election on Saturday was predictable. “Simon Busuttil’s faction had won”. Which was their way of conceding defeat because the extension of their will had lost. But they described Simon Busuttil’s faction as the faction “that wants migrants brought to Malta” which even for them felt odd and [...]

UPDATED: Self praise is no recommendation

2020-10-05T20:37:34+02:00Mon, 5th Oct '20, 07:49|

Updated at 20:34 carrying a reply from one of Robert Arrigo's assistants explaining what really happened. Robert Arrigo followed Adrian Delia in pledging loyalty to Bernard Grech. He's staying on as deputy leader to live out his term. He posted on Facebook yesterday his decision to stick it out. Look at the first comment beneath [...]

Maybe for the best

2020-10-05T09:20:30+02:00Mon, 5th Oct '20, 07:35|

Times of Malta yesterday reported there likely will be no SOFA agreement because the Americans are not buying “the diet version”. I can only imagine Robert Abela’s government treating the Pentagon and the State Department the way it treats its own citizens. Unable to say no, it will then try cheap prestidigitation to make its [...]

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