THE SUNDAY TIMES: Three years after

2020-10-11T08:28:40+02:00Sun, 11th Oct '20, 08:28|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Tell yourself from a year ago that Fenech would be charged with masterminding Daphne’s murder, Schembri would resign before the first of multiple arrests, Mizzi would be booted out of the Labour Party, Silvio Valletta would be forced to retire in disgrace, Lawrence Cutajar would be fired [...]

GUEST POST: On resignations and independents

2020-10-11T08:26:08+02:00Sun, 11th Oct '20, 08:26|

A small number of passionate Adrian Delia’s supporters have decided to resign from their official roles within the Nationalist Party. It is their right and one cannot blame or criticise them. This is a free country and the Nationalist Party is a democratic institution. I am not talking of those who chose theatrics and took [...]

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