Has safety at work become optional?

2020-10-09T14:50:28+02:00Fri, 9th Oct '20, 14:50|

A fork lifter crushed a 68-year-old man working in a factory today. Last week two men died in separate occupational accidents. None of these died on a construction site. There’s a deafening lack of outrage at these industrial accidents that are killing men at an alarming rate. I say, alarming. No one seems to be [...]

A crucial lie

2020-10-09T07:45:26+02:00Fri, 9th Oct '20, 07:45|

Scroll to 07:17 on this extract from the Joseph Muscat interview on TVM this week. The interviewer is about to ask a question about what Joseph Muscat did when he found out about Konrad Mizzi’s and Keith Schembri’s Panama companies. But Joseph Muscat thinks the question is different. He thinks he’s going to be asked [...]

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