GUEST POST: Playing God

2020-10-22T10:00:54+02:00Thu, 22nd Oct '20, 10:00|

“I was scared. Do you know what it's like to hold someone else's life in your hands? It's like playing God. Can you think of anything scarier than that?”- Sidney Sheldon Let’s start with something light. A great piece of news was announced by Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Chairman of the Malta Council of Science and [...]

Roberta Metsola’s journey

2020-10-22T08:55:12+02:00Thu, 22nd Oct '20, 08:55|

I generally disapprove of vicarious national pride. Often it brings about harmless displays of glum hysteria like the mornings after a Eurovision night. Sometimes it leads to madness like accusations of treason that are all too often bandied about. Roberta Metsola has had more than anyone’s fair share of that. There’s a facile temptation now [...]

Daphne Caruana Galizia awarded Allard Prize for integrity

2020-10-22T08:14:21+02:00Thu, 22nd Oct '20, 08:14|

Daphne Caruana Galizia and Danske Bank whistle-blower Howard Wilkinson were jointly awarded the 2020 Allard Prize for International Integrity at a virtual ceremony held yesterday. The $100,000 prize is one of the world’s largest awards recognizing leadership and courage in protecting human rights while promoting transparency and the rule of law and combatting corruption. As [...]

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