Air Malta no longer owns its own brand

2021-04-12T11:27:31+02:00Mon, 12th Apr '21, 11:27|

The national airline Air Malta has sold its name and its brand to its shareholder, the government of Malta, for €21 million in a series of transactions seen as a likely last-ditch attempt to cover up state aid to the ailing airline. Now that Malta’s government owns the Air Malta brand it should also be [...]

GUEST POST: Why celebrate the birth of PEN Malta?

2021-04-12T11:17:38+02:00Mon, 12th Apr '21, 07:49|

Births, for the most part, are a cause for celebration. A brand-new start. A fruition. Today marks the birth of PEN Malta. We should be celebrating this achievement. But really, shouldn’t we be crying that such an organisation is born? That we need to have an organisation to fight for freedom of expression? In an [...]

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