Fresh conflict of interest accusations against Rosianne Cutajar filed at Council of Europe

2021-04-22T14:17:06+02:00Thu, 22nd Apr '21, 14:17|

Dutch MP Pieter Omtzigt who authored the report that led to the Council of Europe’s resolution forcing Malta to open an inquiry into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia has filed a complaint today with the body’s ethic committee about the conduct of Rosianne Cutajar. When the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly debated Pieter Omtzigt’s [...]

RTO ħi

2021-04-22T14:13:47+02:00Thu, 22nd Apr '21, 14:13|

Read this Times of Malta report about hunters trespassing private property shooting at birds within metres of people working the fields. I was struck by a bit in the report that said the farm hands rushed out to ask help from policemen who happened to be nearby. They asked for their help because a bully [...]

I’d call that a win

2021-04-22T13:49:00+02:00Thu, 22nd Apr '21, 13:49|

Four new judges were sworn in today. The prime minister and government ministers were not involved in any stage of their selection. Except for Anna Mallia, who seems bothered that she wasn’t sworn in as a judge today as well, no one in the legal profession had any adverse comments about today’s appointees. Anna Mallia [...]

Baħrija house permit denied to PN President in 2009, now granted to new owners

2021-04-22T11:02:52+02:00Thu, 22nd Apr '21, 11:02|

Another one of the “corruption” campaigns led by the Labour Party and its media while Joseph Muscat was opposition leader has fizzled out completely as a permit withdrawn in 2009 has been granted without any changes last Friday. The controversy was over an application for an extension to an old farmhouse in the Baħrija countryside [...]

GUEST POST: On being Maltese

2021-04-22T10:09:16+02:00Thu, 22nd Apr '21, 10:09|

‘Lil din l-art ħelwa, l-Omm li tatna isimha’ the first line of L-Innu Malti ‘Patriot - a person who loves their country and who is ready to defend it against an enemy’ Oxford Advanced Learner’s Online Dictionary I would hesitate to define myself as a patriot. Unfortunately, in recent years the term has become [...]

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