Ian Borg is our collective bad husband

2021-04-21T17:01:03+02:00Wed, 21st Apr '21, 17:01|

Watch these comments given to the press by Ian Borg announcing that his adviser’s daughter has resigned from her job in the government agency that he oversees. Ian Borg explains he had no idea about the fact that Adreana Zammit, daughter of his assistant Jesmond, got over €100,000 worth of work commissioned directly from her [...]

Brian Tonna represents the lie of meritocracy

2021-04-21T15:45:21+02:00Wed, 21st Apr '21, 15:45|

I’m trying to follow the testimony of Brian Tonna to Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee. It is painful listening. People with sympathy for him must be in agony hearing him contradict himself, fudging and slipping. I have no sympathy for him. But I have sympathy for his supporters’ embarrassment for his inability to string a sentence [...]

The whip

2021-04-21T15:08:07+02:00Wed, 21st Apr '21, 15:08|

The Commissioner for Standards George Hyzler has had to respond and defend himself from an onslaught by Glenn Bedingfield. Glenn Bedingfield was criticising George Hyzler for finding that Carmelo Abela breached ethics rules when he used public funds to take out full-page ads for personal propaganda. Glenn Bedingfield accused George Hyzler of hypocrisy. 'He overspent [...]

Former Labour councillor convicted of smuggling

2021-04-21T13:57:39+02:00Wed, 21st Apr '21, 13:57|

Ivan Hallett from Floriana was handed a suspended jail term today and fined over €75,000 today for smuggling alcohol in 2015. A third of the fine will be paid to customs for the tax he avoided paying when he smuggled the bottles of vodka, whiskey and other drinks from Sicily. Ivan Hallet is a long [...]

We’re doing this wrong

2021-04-21T13:46:30+02:00Wed, 21st Apr '21, 13:46|

Minnesota yesterday secured the conviction of Derek Chauvin a former police officer who killed George Floyd on 25 May 2020. It was an important trial because the homicide needed to be seen in the context of the relationship between the black community in America and the rest of American society. It was about police brutality, [...]

The heat is still on Chris Cardona

2021-04-21T13:28:57+02:00Wed, 21st Apr '21, 13:28|

The former deputy leader of the Labour Party may have felt entitled to breathe easy when Vince Muscat and the Degiorgio brothers were denied pardons to turn State’s evidence. But Vince Muscat, who has confessed to and been convicted for killing Daphne Caruana Galizia, is still speaking about Chris Cardona’s alleged connections to Daphne’s murder. [...]

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