“No one in the country is convinced that all involved have been arraigned in this case.”

2021-04-14T20:34:20+02:00Wed, 14th Apr '21, 20:34|

I’m just putting this quote spoken twice today by the Deputy Attorney General prosecuting the case against Yorgen Fenech, out there as a headline. Because it needs to be registered. It clarifies, as Inspector Keith Arnaud also tried to do today, that remarks by the police chief Angelo Gafà the day the Maksar brothers and [...]

DIY revolution

2021-04-14T20:09:38+02:00Wed, 14th Apr '21, 20:09|

Mark Camilleri is the Executive Chairperson of the National Book Council. The National Book Council is an agency set up by law, specifically the National Book Council (Establishment) Order which is published under the Education Act. The regulations define how the Executive Chairperson is appointed. They are appointed by the prime minister upon the recommendation [...]

The smell test

2021-04-14T19:47:06+02:00Wed, 14th Apr '21, 19:47|

A political storm is raging in the UK over a lobbying scandal. The former prime minister and leader of the party in government, David Cameron, texted the health minister asking him to meet a client of his who was offering something to the health service for free. No rules were broken. This was a free [...]

Air Malta to post record losses for year before covid started

2021-04-14T08:49:38+02:00Wed, 14th Apr '21, 08:49|

The Maltese government will have a tough time convincing the European Commission to allow it to subsidise Air Malta for the next five years. As with any other airline, covid had a devastating effect on the national airline. But Air Malta recorded disastrous results before the covid pandemic hit. In fact, sources from within the [...]

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