Government confirms Anthony Abela Medici as Rottweiler over NGOs

2021-04-27T16:10:51+02:00Tue, 27th Apr '21, 16:10|

The controversial Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, Anthony Abela Medici, has just been confirmed in his post by the government for another 3 years. A notice in the Government Gazette today gave the news. Recent decisions by Anthony Abela Medici have raised the ire of several NGOs as new rules restricting voluntary donations to NGOs have [...]

An old story with a new flavour

2021-04-27T15:37:54+02:00Tue, 27th Apr '21, 15:37|

That is how Robert Abela described the Passport Papers. He’s right of course. Long before these leaks, we understood the government was lying about “talent attracted to Malta” by this scheme. Everyone had figured out the passport-buyers pretended to live here but didn’t. Most had heard of the links with Cambridge Analytica and voter manipulation. [...]

Don’t be fooled by mealy-mouthed drivel. Robert Abela is undermining the institution scrutinising his government.

2021-04-27T15:00:07+02:00Tue, 27th Apr '21, 15:00|

Robert Abela said today it’s “worth having the debate” on whether the law on the commissioner for standards in public life should be changed to rule out a former MP. This sounds like a theoretical discussion but it really has a simple purpose: giving people a reason to discredit George Hyzler because he falls short [...]

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