Pay me to vote for me

2021-04-26T15:13:48+02:00Mon, 26th Apr '21, 15:13|

Michael Falzon announced today the government is dishing out €50 million among 5,000 people as compensation for an “anomaly” from 1979. On average these guys will be picking up a €10,000 cheque. The minister stood in front of a banner headline “insaħħu lill-ħaddiem” (trans: strengthening the worker). It’s a slogan right of the DDR circa [...]

GUEST POST: Joseph’s passport papers

2021-04-26T14:26:05+02:00Mon, 26th Apr '21, 10:52|

Joseph Muscat’s 2013 ‘roadmap’ was planned way before the day of the election that year. Joseph and his parrots kept repeating ad nauseam that they had a roadmap ready but they never gave details of where it was going to lead. The people learnt about it soon after Labour took power. A bright light-house on [...]

Our competitors are laughing

2021-04-26T08:39:22+02:00Mon, 26th Apr '21, 08:39|

It is not unreasonable to have doubts about an economic activity built on vice, but the gaming industry is today a major economic player, a large employer, and one of the very few economic activities that proved essentially covid-proof. The callousness with which the government is treating the industry is staggering. While vice-minister Alex Muscat [...]

You must return here with a shrubbery

2021-04-26T08:16:41+02:00Mon, 26th Apr '21, 08:16|

Carmelo Abela is defending himself for full-page adverts taken out in newspapers last year. Half the advert amounted to a picture of himself. The other half was made of vague and empty slogans. The intent was clear: improve his profile and PR. The cost was paid by taxpayers because he’s a government minister. Carmelo Abela’s [...]

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