Metro? Wedding cake for life

2021-10-06T11:17:29+02:00Wed, 6th Oct '21, 11:17|

Take a look at all the pulp sales promoting the idea of a metro in Malta. There are exhibitions, websites, videos, and graphics that probably cost what it would cost to buy Thomas the Tank Engine and pay the Fat Controller for a year. What exactly is this campaign achieving? I don’t think we need [...]

“I choose not to come”

2021-10-06T09:10:54+02:00Wed, 6th Oct '21, 09:10|

Konrad Mizzi is exercising yet another right to dodge questions he’s uncomfortable answering. At the Daphne inquiry he said a hundred times “I choose not to answer” which was his right because no witness can be forced to incriminate themselves. Today he announced he’ll miss the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee which has called [...]

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