Well, she’s not falling for it

2021-10-27T14:33:46+02:00Wed, 27th Oct '21, 14:33|

What’s more likely, that no fraud is reported in connection with EU funds spent by Malta because we are the only crime-free country in the world or because we are so deep in shit that we don’t smell it anymore? The remarks by EU prosecutor Laura Kovesi are so remarkably on point. Maltese law enforcement [...]

European Parliament’s position is passport-selling must stop

2021-10-27T10:48:31+02:00Wed, 27th Oct '21, 10:47|

Image: The Guardian This morning’s Times of Malta headline “European Parliament suggests taxing golden passports” might at first glance suggest that the European Parliament has changed its position about passport-selling schemes. The European Parliament’s position on passport-selling was adopted by a resolution that calls on the schemes to stop. For the Parliament to [...]

#occupyjustice: Stop enabling Konrad Mizzi

2021-10-27T12:12:47+02:00Wed, 27th Oct '21, 10:05|

This is a statement issued by #occupyjustice this morning: Once again, the Labour Party has chosen to support and protect the corrupt. This is no surprise, of course and not the first time this has happened. They defended and protected Joseph Muscat, and still do; they defended and protected Keith Schembri and still do, they [...]


2021-10-27T07:48:17+02:00Wed, 27th Oct '21, 07:48|

Too often we find ourselves complaining about the chilling indifference of many, and the outright hatred of some, and how the hateful conduct of the worst among us reflects on all of us. Racial hatred in this country is a glaring reality. Discrimination is both cultural and official. The dehumanisation of Africans is widespread and [...]

Anti-corruption protest outside police headquarters continues

2021-10-27T07:19:32+02:00Wed, 27th Oct '21, 07:19|

Repubblika activists stirred from a rainy night this morning outside police headquarters in Floriana, 12 hours into their 72-hour sit-in calling for action by the police in cases of corruption, particularly the case of Konrad Mizzi who has faced no criminal action in spite of being exposed in the Panama Papers back in 2016. Repubblika [...]

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