LONG READ: Strategic apologies

2021-10-29T07:39:43+02:00Fri, 29th Oct '21, 07:39|

Labour’s TV two nights ago said that a conspiracy of “the establishment” to take power from the Labour Party was being hatched on the doorstep of the police headquarters. The “evidence” of this conspiracy was a photo where a priest, a journalist, an Opposition MP, and activists from Repubblika were found to be within the [...]

GUEST POST: Stand up and be counted

2021-10-29T06:14:35+02:00Fri, 29th Oct '21, 06:14|

Nobody sets up camp outside the Police Headquarters, enduring the wind, rain and unsanitary conditions for 72 hours, for the good of their own health. People tend to prefer their home comforts, don’t they? In Malta, these home comforts have been threatened for a very long time – a reality that came sharply into perspective [...]

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