2021-10-28T08:57:16+02:00Thu, 28th Oct '21, 08:55|

This happens all the time but the mistake is mine for not pointing it out each time. It is important to note how One TV reports and comments on a civil society protest because One TV is the TV station owned, controlled, operated, and that speaks for the ruling party. This is the reaction of [...]

Some trolls are more serious than others

2021-10-28T06:54:19+02:00Thu, 28th Oct '21, 06:54|

You know that when you go outside the office of the police to demand they act on 5-year old evidence that a former government minister set himself up for bribes, some people are going to be annoyed. You know that some of those people are going to feel free to go on Facebook and find [...]

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