THE SUNDAY TIMES: Incumbents rule OK

2021-10-24T09:27:22+02:00Sun, 24th Oct '21, 09:27|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The prime minister is head of a dying government but also leader of the party that wants to compete to run the new one. That’s an inbuilt unfair advantage which should rightly belong to no party leader. "Even the UK, from whom we inherited this delightful quirk, [...]

Popular movements are social poets that sow change – Archbishop

2021-10-24T08:59:46+02:00Sun, 24th Oct '21, 08:59|

Archbishop Charles Scicluna described a “crisis of the feeling of common good” Friday when he spoke at the opening of an exhibition on “People Power” organised by the Dutch embassy in the gardens in the ditch outside the walls of Valletta. The Archbishop complained that in spite of the passing of the colonial experience, Maltese [...]

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