Sure, let’s launder money to fight money laundering.

2021-10-07T12:31:27+02:00Thu, 7th Oct '21, 12:31|

The developers’ association reiterated its proposal that political parties should be funded by the state to remove what they describe as the “wrong perception” that businesses fund political parties to get favours in return. Let’s not quibble about how wrong the perception may be. Yes, we need political parties funded by the state so let’s [...]

You know an election is coming when

2021-10-07T10:43:36+02:00Thu, 7th Oct '21, 10:43|

When the Pope cancels a dinner appointment with you. And when the traffic management authority thinks it is a good idea to remove a speed camera thereby reducing the deterrent and the means to enforce the law intended to prevent excessive speeding and like incense and the sacrifice of milk-fed lamb burnt at the altar [...]

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