Unitimised bills

2022-08-01T11:03:56+02:00Mon, 1st Aug '22, 11:03|

Read this report of a particular battle The Malta Independent chose to fight on principle more than anything else. If they were ever to force the government to give a proper response to their detailed questions about how much the movie awards night held before the election cost, few will care by then. We all [...]

The chuckle

2022-08-01T10:08:03+02:00Mon, 1st Aug '22, 10:08|

For those that aren’t listening to Stephen Grey’s podcast in full yet, timesofmalta.com uploaded clips from his interview with George Degiorgio, one of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassins. The content has been out for a while and I had commented about that here. Listening to his voice, his reasonable command of the English language, his delight [...]

Not even the AUM can discriminate

2022-08-02T09:38:44+02:00Mon, 1st Aug '22, 08:59|

There was this other funny story from the so-called American University of Malta this weekend. They said they’ll be waiving tuition fees “for Maltese nationals”. No details were given, such as whether the scheme will be offered through a limited number of bursaries and a competitive process or whether the AUM has become a public [...]

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