Joseph’s guns (6): The corrupter corrupts

2022-08-08T12:30:37+02:00Mon, 8th Aug '22, 12:09|

Read this report of a comment by Joseph Muscat in May 2018. He was facing calls to have a public independent inquiry opened to look into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. He was rejecting the calls saying an inquiry would undermine the criminal investigations and eventual prosecutions. He was facing protests against his protection [...]

Joseph’s guns (5): The vale of destruction

2022-08-08T11:30:38+02:00Mon, 8th Aug '22, 08:58|

Just so it’s clear where this started. Frederick Azzopardi is being prosecuted for ignoring legitimate orders from the environment protection agency to stop building a road in Siġġiewi's Wied Qirda. The road was being built to replace an illegal passage way to a house in the valley. To make way for the new road, protected [...]

Joseph’s guns (4): Rally the troops

2022-08-08T11:27:39+02:00Mon, 8th Aug '22, 06:50|

In the 7 years he was prime minister Joseph Muscat never showed up at a marċ ta’ San Gejtanu. He’s now a people’s man again because he needs those crowds at his back to scare public officials from doing their duty and prosecute him and his cronies. He showed up at San Gejtanu yesterday and [...]

Joseph’s guns (3): The state outside the state

2022-08-08T06:46:28+02:00Mon, 8th Aug '22, 06:46|

Joseph Muscat is no longer prime minister. He no longer has access to the basic hire and fire power over public officials that he had when he was in office. When he was prime minister he headed a criminal organisation that captured the institutions of the state to pursue its profiteering program. That program and [...]

Joseph’s guns (2): “The Usual People”

2022-08-08T06:40:04+02:00Mon, 8th Aug '22, 06:40|

Joseph Muscat’s crony, mouthpiece, 1984 propagandist, and lynch-mobster Emmanuel Cuschieri put a face to his boss’s reference to “the usual people” under whose pressure institutions act. He put up a picture of Repubblika’s Robert Aquilina as a target of hate, a blood red cape waved in front of the mob they are whipping up to [...]

Joseph’s guns (1): If one of them goes down …

2022-08-08T09:17:27+02:00Mon, 8th Aug '22, 06:33|

Joseph Muscat’s guns have been blazing for some time now. Having had his house searched by the police as part of a magistrate’s inquiry, having his suspicious receipts from the people he gave three public hospitals to exposed by a newspaper and investigated by the police, he knows it is only a matter of time [...]

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