VIP Treatment

2022-08-09T12:39:47+02:00Tue, 9th Aug '22, 12:39|

Joseph Muscat complained the institutions are acting against his cronies under pressure from “the usual people”. By that he means the police are only prosecuting Frederick Azzopardi to make it look like they’re doing something and get people calling for justice off their back. But they don’t really mean to have Frederick Azzopardi convicted. There’s [...]

The general and his four cats

2022-08-09T09:57:05+02:00Tue, 9th Aug '22, 09:34|

Erba’ qtates they called the thousands in the streets that brought Joseph Muscat down in 2019. You’d have to wonder what they’d call the Manwel Cuschieri fan boys (and some girls) who showed up to cheer Frederick Azzopardi this morning when Manwel Cuschieri helpfully pointed him out so they could distinguish him from all the [...]

Joseph’s Army of Wrath. Where is it?

2022-08-09T09:38:11+02:00Tue, 9th Aug '22, 09:09|

Joseph Muscat promised thousands screaming in indignation. He threatened to flood the streets of Valletta with a mass of furious anger flowing like hot lava. How dare anyone prosecute an official he had handpicked for breaking the law and tarmacking a valley? Joseph Muscat's promise fizzled into nothing. In place of a massive [...]

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