I asked police to investigate fraudsters asking for money pretending it’s for this website

2022-08-17T16:07:27+02:00Wed, 17th Aug '22, 16:00|

The new spoofing attack on this website that started yesterday took a sinister turn today as a spoofed copy of this website was making the rounds asking people to make donations but directing them to online payment accounts unconnected to manueldelia.com. I asked the police to add this fraudulent attempt to the investigation that started [...]

Look how far we’ve come

2022-08-17T10:25:32+02:00Wed, 17th Aug '22, 10:25|

The decision of the Junior College to allow students to complete their A level studies over a four-year period instead of two to let them combine study with earning money for families who depend on them is right. There are families who cannot make ends meet and quite simply cannot afford having their 16-year-old children [...]

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