Malta must choose ‘network of liberty’ or Russia, China, expert witness tells UK Parliament

2022-08-04T17:46:46+02:00Thu, 4th Aug '22, 14:40|

An expert report filed to a UK House of Commons committee says Malta must choose sides between alignment with democratic countries or with tyrannies like Russia and China. The report, filed last March with the UK parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, was authored by Shanker Singham, an adviser on international trade and regulation. The author of [...]

Untimely death

2022-08-04T13:55:00+02:00Thu, 4th Aug '22, 13:55|

The real test of a good current affairs analyst is when circumstances require them to demonstrate their ability to react in a timely manner to unexpected or unforeseen events and to have the skill and the foresight to say the right thing based on the facts that are known without losing tact and empathy and [...]

GUEST POST: AUM, Alliance of Unadulterated Mafia

2022-08-04T13:58:03+02:00Thu, 4th Aug '22, 10:37|

Let’s just stop pretending that AUM is a university. Newly leaked documents shed further light on its dirty dealings if any more proof was needed that AUM is not and has never been an educational institution. Most of the leaked information has emerged alongside the government’s announcement that public land stolen by the government will [...]

WATCH: This might capture your mood

2022-08-04T10:21:12+02:00Thu, 4th Aug '22, 10:21|

The song is called Mhux biċ-Ċajt! and performed by Rita Pace and Tikka Banda. It was performed at the L-Għanja tal-Poplu Festival. It didn't do well. So? If you want to know more this is the band's take on their record.

Support your journalists

2022-08-04T10:01:10+02:00Thu, 4th Aug '22, 10:01|

If you can please help The Shift News fund their response to the appeals being filed by the government against tribunal and administrative decisions confirming you, the reader, had a right to answers to questions reporters were asking on your behalf. With some exceptions the government’s business should be conducted openly and transparently. When they [...]

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