License to solicit bribes

2022-08-30T09:29:02+02:00Tue, 30th Aug '22, 09:24|

The court yesterday acquitted Edward Caruana, an Evarist Bartolo “friend”, as Alfred Sant might classify him, of charges of extortion and bribery. The case related to allegations of kickbacks solicited by Edward Caruana during the time he worked in a very senior position at the government agency responsible for repairs and maintenance in government schools. [...]

Giglio’s Nuremberg defence

2022-08-30T12:14:27+02:00Tue, 30th Aug '22, 08:50|

Times of Malta quoted the Home Shadow Minister’s reaction to “online commentators (who) expressed surprise at the decision by criminal lawyer and PN MP Joe Giglio to defend one of the accused, noting the irony of having an opposition MP represent somebody accused of corruption in a racket involving a Labour Party minister.” Giglio “insisted [...]

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