False gods

2022-08-19T22:29:05+02:00Fri, 19th Aug '22, 17:59|

The case against the Marsaxlokk parish priest attracts media attention for several reasons. However secular our society becomes, we still look up to priests. When one falls, scandal is inevitable. The twist that he spent tens of thousands of euro on bespoke porn shows just where public interest lies. It is not a crime to [...]

The guilty buy time

2022-08-19T15:44:03+02:00Fri, 19th Aug '22, 12:49|

The Degiorgio brothers have been complaining in court that the media has already tried and convicted them for killing Daphne Caruana Galizia. It was an odd complaint to make given that one of them openly and gleefully admitted killing Daphne in an interview with a journalist. “Business as usual,” he said, chuckling. Those complaints were [...]

These people vote

2022-08-19T11:35:36+02:00Fri, 19th Aug '22, 11:35|

I'm not writing this to depress you though purely for the purpose of sympathetic easing, it would help if it did. You might wonder how people behave online sometimes, how they get to support their heroes in spite of all the evidence there's nothing heroic about them, or how Labour wins elections. Lovin Malta put [...]

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