Thus Spake “Judiciary Malta”

2022-09-15T20:10:24+02:00Thu, 15th Sep '22, 20:10|

There’s been an odd development in Repubblika’s struggle to get an impartial judge to hear our challenge against the police chief for failing to implement the conclusions of a magistrate’s inquiry into Pilatus Bank. ‘Odd’ because it’s rare, as rare as watching an Accession Council made of perfectly reasonable women and men shouting in unison [...]

The court that speaks but does not listen

2022-09-15T11:49:49+02:00Thu, 15th Sep '22, 11:49|

Repubblika has been asking Magistrate Nadine Lia for months to call a sitting of the case it brought against the chief of police for not implementing the conclusions of the Pilatus Bank inquiry. She refused, repeatedly, with the same haughtiness with which she refused any and all arguments we brought to persuade her that her [...]

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