Seb Tanti Burlò: A recusal refusal

2022-09-19T08:57:18+02:00Mon, 19th Sep '22, 08:57|

Look at the cartoonist's tweet on his work in today's Times of Malta. A recusal refusal This week's @TheTimesofMalta #cartoon When lawyers are promoted to the bench, not for their legal minds but because of family contacts and governmental friends, nobody can expect to receive a fair hearing. #Justice in #Malta is held to ransom. [...]

The uphill struggle for truth

2022-09-19T08:36:45+02:00Mon, 19th Sep '22, 08:36|

Another battle for information is underway this time fought by Times of Malta to acquire a copy of a report Enemalta commissioned to understand why it had paid three times the price for a Montenegro windfarm than the vendor had paid just two weeks earlier. The transaction is nonsensical in and of itself, independently of [...]

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