On fighting Malta’s mafia

2022-10-29T06:59:54+02:00Sat, 29th Oct '22, 06:59|

On behalf of Repubblika I'm participating this weekend in a conference organised by Italian NGO Libera discussing civil society's role in the fight against global mafias. The meeting is being held to mark 20 years (22 actually but their plans 2 years ago were scuppered by covid) since the signing of the Palermo convention, a [...]

#occupyjustice: Web of Corruption

2022-10-29T06:48:45+02:00Sat, 29th Oct '22, 06:48|

Statement by #occupyjustice: The Web of Corruption is no Halloween Stunt Earlier tonight, #occupyjustice activists set up an illuminated spider’s web outside the office of the now-defunct Pilatus Bank in Ta’ Xbiex. Yet this was no Halloween prank. Over six years have passed since investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia began her investigations into the Pilatus Bank and, [...]

This thing with the declaration of assets

2022-10-26T09:13:01+02:00Wed, 26th Oct '22, 09:13|

Read here a rundown of the declaration of assets of ministers and parliamentary secretaries if you’re interested in the details. I’m just going to make a few remarks. Firstly, these declarations are embarrassingly amateurish. They are filled out half-heartedly but the worst thing about them is that they’re filled out inconsistently. Inconsistency is not a [...]

Apology and thanks

2022-10-26T09:09:29+02:00Wed, 26th Oct '22, 09:09|

Before I roll out today’s posts, I want to apologise for my relative silence. After the rush of the October events, it was my turn to go down with the flu. As you might expect I will upgrade any diagnosis by a licensed doctor to the dilapidating condition of ‘man cold’. And if that’s not [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Know justice when you see it

2022-10-23T07:31:25+02:00Sun, 23rd Oct '22, 07:31|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Yorgen Fenech awaits trial. And he has every motivation to avoid the appropriate sentences for the crimes he is accused of and those with which he is yet to be charged. "He has access to eye-watering resources, including conspiracy theorists, disseminators of discord and double agents who [...]

WATCH: The Short Trial

2022-10-22T18:00:25+02:00Sat, 22nd Oct '22, 18:00|

This is a video recording of an interview I gave Andrew Azzopardi this morning on 103 where we discussed the one day trial of Alfred and George Degiorgio last week and what their decision to change their plea on the first day of the trial might mean. https://youtu.be/rWf4oiHswMk

Calling the last remaining socialists in the PL

2022-10-21T12:26:04+02:00Fri, 21st Oct '22, 12:26|

If you don’t ask the questions I’m about to ask, you should ask yourself one other question: are you really a socialist or are you merely concerned with your political party as a football fan would be with their favourite club? Why are Malta’s Labour MEPs the only socialists to vote against the European Parliament’s [...]

Star Comment: This one is for Alfred Sant

2022-10-20T14:15:57+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 14:15|

Comment by BERTIE beneath my earlier post informing that far-right German MEPs were the only other MEPs to vote with Malta's Labour MEPs against a motion calling for justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia and for impunity to end in Malta and after Alfred Sant's speech at that debate where he described without naming Repubblika as [...]

We keep ignoring this at our peril

2022-10-20T13:48:29+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 13:48|

I’m not saying this because Raphael Vassallo said the opposite just yesterday. I don’t design my opinions around the misanthropy and jaded contrariness of someone whose religious maxim appears to amount to ‘I don’t care’. I wouldn’t call them reasons, but if what you want is some guidance on how to stop worrying and love [...]

4 Malta Labour and 6 fascist Germans only MEPs against call for end of impunity in Malta

2022-10-20T13:32:07+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 13:24|

Malta’s four Labour MEPs struck a lonely chord again at today’s European Parliamentary vote alone in their socialist party to vote against a resolution marking 5 years since the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia and calling for impunity for Joseph Muscat and his cronies to end. The only other 6 MEPs to vote against the [...]

We’ll get there: Protest this Sunday

2022-10-26T09:16:10+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 10:53|

Statement by Repubblika, #occupyjustice, and manueldelia.com: We'll get there: Protest for Justice and Change There is a group of people in our country that do not want us to get there. They are scared of justice. They are doing all they can to resist change. We are determined to get there. And we will. Repubblika's [...]

This is bloody Dickensian

2022-10-20T10:20:27+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 10:20|

Are we supposed to go all aaaawwww and gawp at the cutesy generosity of Minister Michael Falzon? He launched yesterday the 10th edition of a charity event where donors pay to fulfil a child’s dream. But hear me out. This is not some NGO scraping money together to make up for gaps in social welfare. [...]

Scottish PEN’s vigil for Daphne

2022-10-20T10:48:05+02:00Thu, 20th Oct '22, 09:44|

The following is a speech given by Lizzie Eldridge at a vigil held at the Scottish Parliament by Scottish PEN last Sunday. Joyce McMillan (NUJ Scotland), Richard Leonard MSP, Lizzie Eldridge (Scottish PEN), Nik Williams (Index on Censorship), Ricky Monahan Brown (President of Scottish PEN), Nick McGowan-Lowe (NUJ Scotland) Thank you for coming here [...]

Archaeology of futility

2022-10-19T15:36:33+02:00Wed, 19th Oct '22, 15:36|

This morning’s decision is obviously very important for Repubblika. It’s not a battle we wanted to fight, nor did we expect to have to fight it. The decision comes on top of layers and layers of piled up injustices the victims of which are not Robert Aquilina or Jason Azzopardi or the committee or the [...]

Court orders Magistrate Nadine Lia off Repubblika’s Pilatus case

2022-10-19T11:16:01+02:00Wed, 19th Oct '22, 11:35|

Judge Ian Spiteri Bailey handed down a rare order for Repubblika’s proceedings in the magistrates court challenging police chief Angelo Gafà for failing to prosecute the owner and directors of the defunct Pilatus Bank to move to a different magistrate. Interim measures on claims on grounds of fair hearing are rarely given as acknowledged by [...]

The Psailas continue “focusing on their profession” on the public payroll

2022-10-19T09:06:38+02:00Wed, 19th Oct '22, 09:06|

Just six months ago Frank Psaila and Alessia Psaila Zammit were members of the PN’s executive committee. He was a failed candidate for the European Parliament. She was a councillor in Siġġiewi. Immediately after the last election result they called it quits and said they would focus on their personal careers rather than continue their [...]

Is this the hate Engerer wants to rid us of?

2022-10-18T15:07:29+02:00Tue, 18th Oct '22, 15:07|

I'm putting this here not because it's exceptional. Frankly, I see so much of it I prefer to look away. But Cyrus Engerer pissed me off right and proper with his patronising sermon about how he's the victim of classism, partisan bickering, and hate. I know I'm one and I'm sorry, but Cyrus Engerer just [...]

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