The people’s choice

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16th November 1967: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visiting the parliament in Malta. The Prime Minister, Dr Borg Olivier is standing next to Prince Philip. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images) I wrote a post yesterday saying it didn’t feel right that Malta was not officially mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. [...]

The man who stayed outside the kitchen

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For two years Repubblika’s Robert Aquilina has been battling the data protection process to get the government to give up secret documents that might explain who, how, and why Silvio Valletta was allowed to interfere in the financial intelligence agency. That’s Silvio Valletta, the disgraced cop who cooked a splendid carbonara for Yorgen Fenech to [...]


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Outside the British High Commission, the only flag I've seen flying at half mast in memory of Queen Elizabeth II was the EU flag at Valletta's European Parliament office.

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