Educate yourself and read this Canadian set of warnings of how to spot a charity scam, people pretending to be raising money for a good cause and never really telling you what the money is for.

Here are some of the red flags they tell you to watch out for and walk away if you see them alongside someone’s appeal for funds. Stay away if the campaign is “pushy”, if they are unable to provide details about the charity, if they’re playing on your emotions, if their website looks unofficial, and if they give out strange website addresses.

Right. Pushy Michelle Muscat this morning dragooned a government minister and a former army chief to walk across a zebra crossing that got a fresh lick of disturbingly pink paint. This is to remind you to check your man bits or your lady bits for cancer, which is a good idea given that many of us need reminding of the dangers of cancer as we inhale fumes from paralytic traffic jams caused by some festa or other or a bunch of overpaid suits following Michelle Muscat trying to establish empirically the answer to the question on why chickens cross roads.

Look at this Times of Malta report of the event. Numbers are given to donate money to the campaign. For what? For the pink paint? For cancer research? To fund checkups not covered by the NHS? No answers in the report so I checked the website of Michelle Muscat’s charity to learn more. Here’s the link for you to check as well.

This is what you get. Not suspicious at all.