Repubblika responds to the government’s draft sustainable development strategy

2023-01-26T10:39:11+01:00Thu, 26th Jan '23, 10:39|

The following is a letter sent today by Repubblika's president Robert Aquilina in reaction to a draft strategy document prepared by the government on a Sustainable Development Strategy for 2050: Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your document. We share your view that any plan for our country’s future must not merely be [...]


2023-01-26T10:35:17+01:00Thu, 26th Jan '23, 10:35|

In a few minutes the radio station owned and operated by Malta’s university is hosting Michelle Muscat, our very own freakish mashup between Imelda Marcos in exile and a hypothetical Evita Peron if the Argentian original had lived beyond her political sunset, to whimper and whine on the airwaves. I have no idea what they [...]

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