They haven’t started talking

2023-01-30T14:10:53+01:00Mon, 30th Jan '23, 14:10|

The Chamber of Advocates issued a statement to react to Robert Abela’s comments yesterday about a chat he had with an unnamed magistrate about decisions taken by the judiciary in criminal cases which the prime minister thought were too lenient. I found some comfort in a couple of observations the Chamber of Advocates made with [...]

That was no slip of the tongue

2023-01-30T07:50:30+01:00Mon, 30th Jan '23, 07:50|

The prime minister said yesterday in his speech that he discussed what he considers as lenient decisions of the criminal court with an unnamed magistrate. Robert Abela worked in the law courts for years. He knows that the idea of questioning a magistrate’s decisions and urging different decisions in private conversations with that [...]

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