My kingdom for a proportionate obscenity

2023-01-31T15:41:38+01:00Tue, 31st Jan '23, 15:41|

I’ve been told before, that when I feel like using foul language on my blog I should pace around the room for 20 minutes before I look up less colourful alternatives than my intuitive original expression of my fury. It’s advice I find myself in situations like this fucking unable to take. Just a few [...]

Will they ever start caring?

2023-01-31T10:34:43+01:00Tue, 31st Jan '23, 10:34|

You will have seen reports of the Transparency International assessment that confirms Malta continues to be perceived as corrupt, more so now than even last year. Transparency International gives one clear and simple reason for this. Five years ago, a journalist was killed in Malta for investigating and reporting on corruption. By now, we should [...]

Help us bring the Pilatus gang to justice

2023-01-31T09:38:04+01:00Tue, 31st Jan '23, 09:38|

Pilatus Bank was set up in Malta in 2014 to launder money for embezzling tyrants and tax evaders. When Daphne Caruana Galizia exposed them, they sued her for $40 million. They threatened every newsroom in Malta who dared write about them. Until the European Banking Agency shut them down. And yet, those responsible, have never [...]

The one who stayed outside the bar

2023-01-31T07:45:01+01:00Tue, 31st Jan '23, 07:45|

Look at this headline. It says an NGO, a professional association, and a non-Parliamentary party said something about something. That would sound like the beginning of a joke, except that the humour, such as it is in this case, is about one other entity who said nothing. There was a time when the opposition Nationalist [...]

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