A good day

2023-01-16T14:57:46+01:00Mon, 16th Jan '23, 14:57|

It’s a good day when a mafia boss in hiding for 30 years starts his first day of the rest of his life in prison. Matteo Messina Denaro, boss of bosses, has already been convicted for some of the many murders he is personally responsible for. He managed to live in hiding for 3 decades. [...]

Dilute to taste justice

2023-01-16T10:02:13+01:00Mon, 16th Jan '23, 10:02|

Last year alone 8 people died on construction sites. During the preceding 3 years, 17 people died on construction sites. There were only two other deaths at work in that period that did not occur on a construction site. Each one of those deaths was followed by a magisterial inquiry to gather the evidence which [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The rules of the game

2023-01-16T07:58:53+01:00Mon, 16th Jan '23, 07:58|

From my article in The Sunday Times: "Is it difficult in this polity of two, and only two, sides for both sides to agree on a referee? Yes, I suppose, it is harder than the power the prime minister enjoys to appoint any unqualified idiot to most posts in his government. But it is not [...]

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